Amplify Your Mobile Apps

The Appington Amplify platform lets you create richer, more engaging mobile experiences that have users learning faster, laughing louder, and achieving more. They connect emotionally with your app and become more involved, increasing your retention, engagement, and conversion rates.

Amplify Results

50%voice tutorial stickiness
30%app feature usage

No pop-ups. No voice hard coding. No silence. Just you designing the exact experience you want your users to have. Whether you're creating an app for gaming, health and fitness, retail, education, or something else, users simply resonate more with an amplified voice.

Amplify Platform Overview

The platform includes a dashboard, SDK, and content library of voice prompts.


  • Two versions available — free and professional
  • Fully customized instructions for each supported platform (iOS, Android, Unity)
  • Built-in testing, targeting, and analytics


  • Takes less than 30 minutes to download and install
  • Requires only a few lines of code by the CPU
  • Sends simple control calls to the library, making the prompt eligible to play

Content library

  • Professional audio clips of the most commonly used greetings, motivators, and other prompts
  • Hosted in the cloud
  • Runs in a background thread with a lowered priority — no operations interference
  • Data downloaded/uploaded only if the app is in the foreground, there's network connectivity, and the device isn't roaming

Appington has already helped us increase the ARPU of our flagship product by more than 50%, and we're just getting started!

Raik Bittner, raiX Games

Typical Appington Results

  • Increases of up to 100 percent in user engagement
  • Improvement of in-app voice tutorial stickiness by 50 percent
  • Increases in first-session length up to 57 percent
  • Feature-use uplifts of up to 30 percent
  • Average revenue per use up by 50 percent

Tips and Tricks for Adding Voice Prompts

Employ Voice Best Practices

  • Play audio about once per minute, using 10-second clips
  • Be fun and memorable
  • Reward good actions
  • Keep scripts short and consider the emotion of the voice
  • Don't sound like an ad

Consider Your Goals

  • Encourage an in-app purchase
  • Help users move to the next step
  • Engage users' emotions to increase retention

Identify High-Impact Areas

  • Consider where voice will add the most impact in your app
  • Use context to play the right message at the right time